Incoming – New Berk Concessions Products!

We like to keep giving you amazing products to keep your customers coming back! Check out these awesome Concession items we have coming into Berk – and our Distributors – soon (if they’re not already here).

Growler Jug

If you’re looking for something to catch the attention of mountain brew lovers, check out the new Growler Jug we have with the Mountain Brew Design! This lovely jug holds 54oz of delicious, refreshing… well whatever you put into it! The lid is attached so no one has to worry about losing it. There are 30 in a case. Get them now before they’re all gone!


The Tizzytoo is back with a new stylin’ look! Check out the lid and the sleek taper on this souvenir cup. It comes with a handle and still has the long loop straw for your sipping pleasure. Still 32oz and in assorted jewel tones, these cups will attract people to your stand with their bold colors. You’ll get a whopping 108 in every case!

Tiki Cup

And now introducing the enigmatic Tiki cup! This tropical souvenir cup is painted up in bold colors and comes with a matching bamboo straw. Customers that enjoy tropical flavored drinks will enjoy this souvenir cup over and over again! 

What are your favorite Berk Concession Cups?

Share your thoughts in the comments!